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    General Questions Related To Immigration

    Why SSR & how could I trust SSR?

    SSR Immigration Service (Inc.) is an extended service that is built on offering international students through education consultancy services and is still very much a core function of today’s business operation under the name, Education Consultants Canada (ECC) Inc., an All-In-one Consultant. It has extensive experience in the recruitment/counselling of international students since 2007.

    What type of permit/visa do I need?

    If you are not sure which type of immigration program you need, use this questionary tool provided by the government of Canada, which will determine what type you need. Do you want to come to Canada, or extend your stay? - If you need more information reach out to us.

    How much time will the filing process take?

    Check out our flow chart under services for more information about the processing time and steps necessary to be successful in your application. Click here for more information

    What is the general price for visas and permits?

    In the following link, you can find the essential cost of submission, this fee will go towards the Canadian government. To know about the SSR service fees reach out to one of our agents and we can give you an estimated price. Fee list

    What's the cost of living in Canada?

    The cost of living in Canada depends upon the following factors: The province you choose The program you choose to study in a province As of 2022, the estimated average monthly cost for a single person can be $3500 (CAD) (this varies from person to person and region to region). To know about YOUR estimate contact

    What is an SOP/ SOI?

    SOP stands for “Statement of Purpose” and SOI stands for “Statement of Intent.” Both are a type of document that needs to be submitted with your visa application to the school you are applying to as an international student stating the purpose of your visit to Canada. A sample template is provided below. Here are some questions that should be answered in you SOP or SOI. Introduction - Background, education, work experience, family etc., Why "the program" Why “that school” Why Canada Future plan, growth from taking this program, why not this in “your home county” or other countries. Strong reasoning that you WILL return to “your home county” upon the program completion Finances - how and who has/will support with fees, living expenses etc.

    What is IELTS/CELPIP?

    IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System” and CELPIP “Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program”. They are an international standardized test about the English language for non-native English language speaking individuals.

    What about my picture specifications?

    For more information regarding photo specifications click the link below provided by the Canadian government explaining the required specifications. Visa application photograph specifications

    What is Biometric?

    Biometric is some form of measurement from the human (like a scan of a person’s fingerprint or a photograph that can be used to identify a person). If your application requires a biometric scan or photo there will be a biometric fee. To get a biometric measurement you’ll need to go to an official biometric collection site, which you can find at the following link with additional information about biometrics. How to give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics)

    What is CLB's point?

    CLB stands for “Canadian Language Benchmarks”. It's a points system that allows individuals to calculate their English language proficiency (skill) like Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

    What is SDS and what are the requirements?

    The definition of SDS is “Student Direct Stream” and it is an expedited study permit processing program for those who are applying to study in Canada at a post-secondary designated learning institution. The program is available to legal residents who also reside in:
    ● Antigua and Barbuda
    ● Brazil
    ● China
    ● Colombia
    ● Costa Rica
    ● India
    ● Morocco
    ● Pakistan
    ● Peru
    ● Philippines
    ● Senegal
    ● Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    ● Trinidad and Tobago
    ● Vietnam
    To be eligible, applicants must meet specific requirements, which are listed in the following link
    Student Direct Stream (SDS)-

    What application forms are relevant to me?

    Use the following IMM numbers to check out the form relevant to your situation:
    ● Student application (IMM 1294)
    ● Work permit (IMM 1295)
    ● PR form (IMM 0148)
    ● Citizenship (CIT 0002)

    Where do I submit my documents/application? (Online or in-person)?

    Any document that will be shared will go through a secure platform where you can upload your documents. We, unfortunately, don’t accept any sort of in-person documentation (like thru post or directly in-person at our office).

    Do I need insurance?

    It's not a requirement to buy insurance before entering Canada, but it is highly recommended. Most chances are you will have some sort of health insurance if you are coming as an employee or a student by your employer/institution (but their also not required to provide one). In certain cases, you will need health coverage, like for instance if you apply for a super visa you need to have at least $100,000 in health coverage issued by a Canadian insurance company.

    Student Visa

    What documents do you need to apply for the student Visa?

    To know more about the required documents see the link below Study permit: Get the right documents -

    Do I need a student visa or student permit? ?

    You need both. A student visa is a type of visa that allows you to stay within the country, where the student permit is given to you upon your arrival to Canada.

    What is an eTA?

    An eTA stands for “Electronic Travel Authorization”, it is an entry requirement for visa-holding foreigners that want to travel to Canada. Its purpose is to allow travellers to visit Canada for short periods. Electronic Travel Authorization is electronically linked to a traveller’s passport and will expire after 5 years or when their passport expires.

    *You can’t travel to Canada with only an eTA you will need other documents as well.

    How can I get an extension for my student visa?

    After your student visa expired, you must leave Canada by the expiry date. In the case when a student applied for a student visa extension, visitor visa, or permanent resident and there's yet to be a decision on their application, they will be given a temporary visa statute until a decision is made. If you try to apply after your permit/visa expires you will have to leave the country by the expiration date

    Work Permit

    What type of work permit do you need?

    Depending on the type of work you want to do you will need either a work permit or a co-op permit. (If you are a student and acquire a job on campus you don’t need a work permit).

    How to apply for a work permit?

    Contact SSR and we will assist you through the process.

    What is the amount of money I need to have to be approved for a work permit?

    Use the following link provided by the government of Canada that will show you the amount of money you need for each visa/permit.
    Proof of funds – Skilled immigrants (Express Entry) -

    How many hours can I work without a work permit as a student?

    You are permitted to work 20 hours per week while attending school, but you are not permitted to work in Canada without a work permit.

    Do I need a work permit for a part-time job?

    Under a study permit, you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week on a part-time basis. Be aware that you cannot work on a full-time basis when you are a holder of a study permit.

    What happens if I don’t find a job or lose my job within the validity of my post-graduate work permit?

    If you can’t find a job once your post-graduate work permit is applicable, you would have to leave the country after it expires. If you lose your current job, you need to find another one with a different employer but the same position.

    How long can I work after my program ends without a work permit?

    The answer is you can’t, after your program ends, you can’t start working without a work permit. If your student visa is going to expire you need to leave the country before it does.

    Visiting/Family Visa

    Can my family visit me in Canada during my studies?

    Yes, you could bring a spouse or common-law partner, and dependent children if their eligibility for a study or work permit or a visitor visa.

    What kind of visa do they need?

    Depending on why you want your family to come to Canada you can apply for the following immigration programs if they're eligible for any of the following programs:
    ● Study permit
    ● Work permit
    ● Visitor visa

    How can they apply?

    We can help with that, contact SSR and one of our agents will be happy to help you and your family.

    What documents do they need?

    You can Check the document checklist below. Document checklist

    How long can they stay?

    Depending on the immigration program they used it will differ:
    ● Visitor visa: up to 6 months or less
    ● Super visa: up to two years
    ● Work visa: up to 6 months or less
    ● Student visa: 90 days after you complete your studies

    Can they work in Canada during their stay?

    No, they cannot work if they’re using a visitor visa.

    Permanent Residence

    How can I apply for PR & Which documents do I need?

    Go to the permanent resident (PR) checklist on the Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website and use their “my eligibility calculator” on their website to see if you are eligible. With help with applying or if you have any further questions about PR reach out to one of our SSR agents and they will be more than happy to help.
    Am I eligible to apply as a permanent resident under the Canadian Experience Class?

    Am I eligible to apply for permanent residency (PR)?

    Use the eligibility calculator provided by the Canadian government to determine whether you are eligible or not. If you are still not clear reach out to one of our SSR agents and we can help check for you.
    Am I eligible to apply as a permanent resident under the Canadian Experience Class?

    What happens if my work permit/ student visa expires before my PR is approved?

    Refer to the IRCC link below.
    I applied for a new work permit. Can I stay in Canada if my work permit expires?

    Can I apply for PR after completing my studies?

    Multiple factors allow you to become a PR, so reach out to our office via email to discuss your case and we’ll help clarify your options.


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